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Stress Down Day

Date Posted: 14/01/2013 2:37:56 PM
Posted By: Cathy

Stress Down Day 24th July 2015

Stress Down day is an annual event. This day is dedicated to reducing the burden of stress on our community, and will encourage people in schools and workplaces to have fun with their fellows, friends or family to reduce stress levels, have fun and raise funds for Lifeline. The money will go towards helping run our 24 hour telephone support services, a service that is literally life saving for thousands of Australian’s every year.

What do we do on Stress Down Day?

You simply get sponsored to wear your slippers to work or school, dress up or dress down and have a bit of fun to show that you support Lifeline and its life saving work.

Or alternatively, other ways to show support could be:

  1. Purchasing Exclusive Stress Down Day Slippers
  2. Developing your own event (where slippers or a change in clothes are impractical/against OH&S)

The campaign will also provide participants and organisations with useful tools to manage stress in our everyday lives. For more information visit

Stress Down Day  - 24th July 2015

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