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Lifeline and Emeco Partner to Save Lives Overnight

Relese date: 19 June 2012

Lifeline is pleased to announce a partnership with Emeco to help tackle the problem of servicing crisis calls in the small hours of the morning.

Emeco will provide funding to Lifeline’s ‘Saving Lives Overnight’ program from 1 July 2012. The program complements existing volunteer services with paid crisis supporters rostered to work between midnight and dawn.

Over time, people have found the task of balancing work, study and family commitments increasingly difficult. This influences the ability to recruit Lifeline volunteers, especially on the midnight to dawn shift – negatively impacting Lifeline’s call answer rate.

To tackle this problem, Lifeline launched a paid overnight program in September 2011. Already, this program has significantly reduced help seeker waiting times and lifted call answer rates during this pivotal daily window when many Australians are at their most vulnerable.

Suicide prevention is everyone’s responsibility and Emeco’s commitment to Lifeline’s vision of ‘an Australia free of suicide’ sets an example to the business sector and to the broader community. Emeco’s commitment to suicide prevention goes well beyond simply throwing money at the problem. Employee programs and connections with Lifeline centres, particularly in remote locations, will ensure that suicide prevention is given the gravity it deserves.

Emeco is a leading independent supplier of earthmoving equipment solutions to the global mining industry, with a dispersed workforce and a multitude of remote community connections.

Above all else, Lifeline and Emeco urge all Australians experiencing suicidal thoughts, or a time of crisis, to pick up their phones and dial 13 11 14 any time of the day or night.

As one caller recently said “a human voice makes so much difference when you’re feeling down”.

For further information or comment contact: John Mendel 0408 407 376

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