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Work and Finance Stress Causes Australians to Lose Sleep

Release date: 9 July 2013

Lifeline’s 2013 Stress Poll reveals that almost two thirds of Australians have lost sleep during the past year due to stress.

Work is the major stress in people lives – with 78% of respondents experiencing stress at work, followed by 71% of respondents suffering from stress caused by finances. Alarmingly, around a quarter of all respondents indicated they had experienced a lot of stress in these areas of their life.

Of particular concern is that over 70% of women are occasionally losing sleep due to stress whilst almost 20% are losing sleep regularly.

Stress Down Day is on Friday 26th July and Lifeline encourages people to reflect upon their lives and take stock of what may be causing them stress and engage in some self-care.

There are many ways to participate in Stress Down Day 2013, whether it be wearing your Stress Down Slippers or fancy dress to work, having a morning tea or even daring your boss to dress up as their favourite superhero. Most importantly take some time out on 26 July to have fun, stress less and feel better.

Stress doesn’t have to control our lives. We can improve our knowledge about stress and increase our resources to become more resilient.

To find out more about managing your stress and how you can participate in Stress Down Day please visit

Of course Stress Down Day wouldn’t be possible without Lifeline’s stress less partners Bach Rescue Remedy and Genworth. Bach Rescue Remedy is a range of products and treatments to help people cope with everyday stressful situations and Genworth is Australia’s leading provider of lenders mortgage insurance.

Stress Down Day slippers are available for purchase from the Stress Down Day website

You can also make a donation to Lifeline through the Stress Down Day website to support our vision of ‘an Australia free of suicide’.

Full results of the Stress Poll are available here:

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