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Jessica Rowe: Mum, Journalist, Author & Mental Health Advocate.

Jessica talks about her experience with post-natal depression and the importance of reaching out for help.


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Nives Clausen
Written Story Nives Clausen Today, my story is about Amy.
Amy was born on 22nd January 1978. My labour was quick so right from the start she was such an easy child. All of Amy’s developmental milestones, except for her ability to crawl and walk seemed to take place fairly quickly also. We chuckled at the fact that as long as we kept her entertained with books and puzzles, she really had no need to become mobile, hence, she didn’t crawl until she was nearly 10 months old and didn’t take ...

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Grahame Gould - Centre Manager Lifeline South Coast.
Youtube Video Grahame Gould - Centre Manager Lifeline South Coast. Grahame talks about what you should do if you are thinking about suicide.
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Mark Stubbs - Lifeline Crisis Chat Supporter.
Youtube Video Mark Stubbs - Lifeline Crisis Chat Supporter. Watch this video to find out more about Lifeline’s online crisis support chat service.
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Shakti Ram
Written Story Shakti Ram My experience with mental illness taught me a few important things, mainly that depression and anxiety are different for everybody, help is available, it is hard to reach out, and what works for one might not work for another.
Depression, anxiety and stress can means different things to different people. For me it was a different experience. Being lifeline volunteer I thought, I a had a better understanding of what depressions and anxiety

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