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Jessica Rowe: Mum, Journalist, Author & Mental Health Advocate.

Jessica talks about her experience with post-natal depression and the importance of reaching out for help.


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Written Story Loren My brother Daniel seemed to have it all. He was 24, handsome, modest, strong, gentle, caring, thoughtful, and admired by everyone for his all-round beautiful nature. He had a gorgeous, supportive girlfriend, a loving family and had just opened his own business.
Dan grew up surrounded by love and respect. Our parents encouraged us to pursue whatever it was that gave us joy, never pressured us, and always supported our decisions. Dan tried his hand at a number of sports

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Mark Stubbs - Lifeline Crisis Chat Supporter.
Youtube Video Mark Stubbs - Lifeline Crisis Chat Supporter. Watch this video to find out more about Lifeline’s online crisis support chat service.
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Written Story Julie Twenty-five years ago, I had my first major depressive episode. I was in third year finishing a degree in Pharmacy. I didn’t know what was happening to me, and, being a very motivated high achiever, I tried to find the answer in the medical books I owned. Did I have a vitamin deficiency? Was my brain shrinking? Why was I shaking and why for the first time in my life couldn’t I concentrate and study? I withdrew inside myself. I took myself to...
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John Brogden - Lifeline National Board Chair.
Youtube Video John Brogden - Lifeline National Board Chair. John talks about his depression and suicide attempt in 2005 and shows no matter how successful you are mental illness does not discriminate and can affect anyone.
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