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Jessica Rowe: Mum, Journalist, Author & Mental Health Advocate.

Jessica talks about her experience with post-natal depression and the importance of reaching out for help.


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Becks Story
Written Story Becks I am 25 years of age, and working in the Community Mental Health Sector. I’m just like your typical young person. I love art, writing, music, movies and mediation. In October 2008, I attempted to end my life. I was a normal child growing up until the age of six. From the ages of six to fourteen, I was Sexually Abused on numerous occasions by three different people. By the end of primary school and all throughout high school, I began to Self Harm and I also developed an...
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Grahame Gould - Centre Manager Lifeline South Coast.
Youtube Video Grahame Gould - Centre Manager Lifeline South Coast. Grahame talks about what you should do if you are thinking about suicide.
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Written Story Danielle When I was 15 I met my children’s father, 21 years old and tattoo’s all over, he was fun and exciting but most of all he wanted me!
Entering the relationship with him meant I was now his daughter’s step mother also taking on full time care of her without even noticing. After a few short weeks I was pregnant with our first daughter and gave birth to her on the 28th of February 2002.
I was so sad and depressed all the time but it didn’t seem to

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Written Story Denise My name is Denise and my Story is that on the 3rd September 2011, I lost my beautiful Niece who was 18 Years old. She took her life in the backyard of her Parent’s House, this was in Mt Isa. She had everything going for her and her Mother was a proactive promoter at the time with Centacare organising Suicide Prevention Day in Mt Isa. Little did she know that the week after she would be talking about her own daughter who took her life to Suicide.
My Beautiful Niece’s name

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