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Jessica Rowe: Mum, Journalist, Author & Mental Health Advocate.

Jessica talks about her experience with post-natal depression and the importance of reaching out for help.


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Written Story Glenda I have just read on Facebook the story about suicide.
My Father completed suicide in 1974, he was only 46 years old. He had battled depression for several years prior to this.
He had attempted to suicide 7 months prior to this but unfortunately in those days there was really no understanding or help available.
I was only 23 at the time and living in New Zealand so was unaware of all this, he was in Yarraman

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Written Story Inge It was the ten year anniversary of my brother’s suicide and we had gathered together old friends and family at the local where he used to drink and play pool. Things had changed in those ten years - I’d been married, had two kids and had recently split up from my husband; friends had aged, losing hair, changing jobs, gaining weight and wives and families. We shared drinks and greetings and a few tears, even locating the graffiti in the bathroom that had been there since his...
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Written Story Denise My name is Denise and my Story is that on the 3rd September 2011, I lost my beautiful Niece who was 18 Years old. She took her life in the backyard of her Parent’s House, this was in Mt Isa. She had everything going for her and her Mother was a proactive promoter at the time with Centacare organising Suicide Prevention Day in Mt Isa. Little did she know that the week after she would be talking about her own daughter who took her life to Suicide.
My Beautiful Niece’s name

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Mark Stubbs - Lifeline Crisis Chat Supporter.
Youtube Video Mark Stubbs - Lifeline Crisis Chat Supporter. Watch this video to find out more about Lifeline’s online crisis support chat service.
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