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We all know it’s important to look after our physical health.

But what about taking care of your mental health?

Keeping your mental health in check can help you to stay happy, healthy and productive.

Want to learn more?

Try our short quiz and learn ways to stay mentally healthy.

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Tool Kits

Self help resources, tips and information about a range of mental health topics.


Coping Kit

This Coping Kit can be used to:

  • manage your emotions or cope with difficult situations
  • identify ways to stay calm and safe when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • remind you of things or people that may help you gain control or feel better.
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Fact Sheets

Quick tips and information about a range of mental health topics.

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Site Information

All information on the Lifeline Australia Get Help section of the website in the form of Fact Sheets and Tool kits has been compiled by Lifeline Australia for the purpose of information, support and mental health awareness for those who access these materials. Content is developed by Lifeline using internal and external expertise and is then reviewed by Mental Health Professionals. All new content is reviewed by Lifeline's Mental Health Professional's Reference Group which includes registered professionals such as psychologists and social workers. All resources have an emphasis on self-guided support for users and include the most recent revision dates. The resources are designed to support, not replace, the relationship that may occur between members of the community and existing health care professionals.