Why engage with Lifeline?

Engage with Lifeline

Lifeline is non-discriminatory. We provide 24 hour crisis support to all Australians, including your employees and their families. We are a relevant, unique organisation who meets the needs of the community; and we save lives.

Workplace giving

Workplace Giving - Piggy Bank

The power to make a real difference in any community is in numbers, so even a small weekly amount donated by a number of employees can go a long way towards helping Lifeline.

Corporate volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering with Lifeline helps us to continue providing vital community services, while giving your staff the opportunity to give something back to the community. It’s great for staff moral, team building and diversifying skills.




Strategic partnerships

 Strategic Partnerships

Lifeline relies heavily on community support and we know that strategic alignment with national partners can make us truly sustainable. We will work with your organisation to align our brands and values and to achieve partnership objectives to continue to deliver services and raise awareness of both organisations.

Current supporters

Lifeline acknowledges our national partners, corporate supporters and workplace giving partners. The funding, expertise and/or products and services provided by these organisations are helping us to realise our goals.