If life is in danger
call 000

Talk to a video counsellor if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Book your free video counselling session. No referral required.

You are not alone. We’re here to support you.

This video counselling service is for you if: 

  You want to feel heard and listened to without judgement

  You want to connect with someone from the safety of your own home

  You’d value support from a registered and trained counsellor who can guide you

  You want to utilise a fully funded service that’s free for you


What to expect at your first video counselling appointment?

At the beginning of your first session, a counsellor will help you clarify what is happening and identify your goals for counselling. They will work with you to assess your current situation and offer counselling support aimed at improving you mental health and addressing areas of concern.

Upon your online booking you will be contacted to confirm your appointment.

What you can expect from our Lifeline video counsellors:

We offer counselling support to improve your mental health and wellbeing and help you to overcome difficulties

We are fully tertiary trained

Our practice is supervised by experienced psychologists and counsellors

Counsellors will work with you to assess your situation and identify your goals for counselling

You will be provided with up to six sessions with the same counsellor to offer ongoing support

Book today to get support.

*To book your first session, we will contact you via phone or email

If you are in crisis and require support now phone 13 11 14. If life is in danger call 000.

What others say about Lifeline’s services

"I would like to say how much I appreciate the service and find it very helpful, after talking to Lifeline I feel relaxed and am able to sleep and start my day feeling great. Just being with a person really helps.“

"I talked to a woman this morning, who patiently listened and empathised. She genuinely listened at the highest level, looking to really understand and reflect my point of view, and did not hurry me off the phone. Because of that I was able to shift what had been bothering me for days. I feel so much better now, energised and able to concentrate on my goals for the day. She was great. Thank you for your service."

"At the beginning of 2018 I called Lifeline many times as I was in great distress due to discovering my husband is a high-risk gambler. Every time I called it was extremely helpful as I got to talk through the distress. We separated in May last year and going through the trauma and loss I was able to reach out to Lifeline on a few occasions. This year I have also called Lifeline but not as frequently. I am so grateful that Lifeline exists thank you so much.“

Why this video counselling service?

NRMA Insurance and RACV are proudly supporting the Lifeline Video Counselling Service also known as Lifeline Community Counselling. These services are established to support resilience building for communities in Australia impacted by natural disasters and COVID-19. To make the video counselling service accessible, all video counselling services are fully funded by the generous support of NRMA Insurance and RACV.

A safe place to talk day or night