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Corporate Training

Lifeline Australia offers a range of training programs based on the development of mental health awareness and skills. By choosing a Lifeline training program you benefit from our experience and expertise, built on decades of delivery as a leading provider in the mental health sector.

Build resilience in your organisation

There is increasing demand from Australian organisations to deliver training that builds the resilience of their employees. By focusing on mental health and wellbeing you will be able to attract and retain top talent while helping your workforce to be more productive.  At Lifeline we regularly receive requests from employers to partner with them and help build this resilience. 


  • Our library of programs is building, and most courses can be delivered virtually or accessed as self-directed eLearning.
  • Our facilitators are skilled in virtual and face to face course delivery, providing an interactive and thought-provoking learning experience.
  • Our eLearning programs are designed to reflect adult learning principles and make use of contemporary digital design to ensure the online learning experience is engaging and effective.


Please contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.


    Accidental Counsellor

Accidental Counsellor is aimed at those who would like to be able to safely and effectively support friends, family, colleagues, and strangers who are in distress or experiencing a crisis. The course will provide you with basic skills and a structure to enable you to provide immediate support and assistance using the ‘Recognise, Respond, Refer’ model. The skills learnt in the Accidental Counsellor course can be applied in many contexts, and provide participants with skills in active listening, calming and effective gentle questioning. You will also learn how to ask openly about suicide risk and respond safely whatever the answer.

The course is open to anyone and no pre-existing skills or knowledge are required. We can also tailor the course to suit your corporate environment.


Accidental Counsellor uses a blended training model to provide effectiveness and convenience.

Total duration: 5 hours (1.5 hours e-learning and 3.5 hours of interactive learning facilitated by a Lifeline trainer).

The facilitated component can be delivered in a classroom or virtually.


Participants are provided with basic skills to support someone in emotional crisis by learning how to recognise, respond and refer to an appropriate service.  Participants also learn how to confidently and safely ask about suicide.


Upcoming courses

The following courses are currently under development, if you are interested please let us know via the email below, telling us which course you are interested in and some information about your organisation.

Express your interest by contacting us via our enquiry form and we will keep you updated.


Mental Health Awareness

Equip participants to recognise and respond to mental health issues or suicidal thoughts and behaviours in themselves, their colleagues, friends or family.

2-hour self-directed e-learning module



Participants learn how to recognise domestic and family violence and engage with someone who may be experiencing this in their life. 

2-hour facilitated learning by a Lifeline trainer (in a classroom or virtually)


Working with Challenging and Complex Behaviours

Participants learn resilience, understanding and skills to respond appropriately to people who are distressed, upset or aggressive.  Skills can be used for telephone or face to face contacts.

4-hour course (1-hour e-learning, 3 hours facilitated learning by a Lifeline trainer (in a classroom or virtually)



Lifeline Australia's Accidental Counsellor course is a finalist in the LearnX online education awards.

LearnX has been created for the Australian entrepreneurs of tomorrow by assisting them in building businesses through online education. Built for all skill levels no matter if this is your first time looking to start a business, or experience professional looking to upskill. LearnX offers you the ability in a 247 World by building fundamentals on Strategy, Marketing, Content Creation for Social, Digital and more. See the LearnX website for more information.

"Accidental Counsellor showed me that we all have the capacity to provide support to someone who might be struggling. It's given me confidence to act when I recognise the signs and I feel much more equipped to help those around me." Naomi Van Anen, Community Fundraising Executive

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