If life in danger call Triple Zero 000
If life in danger call Triple Zero 000

We're here for you

If you are thinking about suicide or experiencing emotional distress, help is available. There is hope. Please contact Lifeline, we are here to listen. We are here for you.

We listen without judgement

Lifeline provides confidential crisis support that is accessible 24 hours a day. We encourage any person in Australia who is contemplating suicide, experiencing emotional distress, or caring for someone in crisis to call, text or chat with Lifeline.

Regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion, our trained crisis supporters are ready to listen, support, and help you work through what’s on your mind.

We will...

  • We will listen without judgement
  • We will explore what's troubling you
  • Identify other forms of help, if that is right for you

We won't...

  • We won't pass judgment
  • We won't tell you what to do
  • We won't give advice

Contact us for a confidential conversation with an empathetic crisis supporter if you are in distress. We will listen to you and support you in discussing whatever is on your mind. We can provide further sources of help and support if that’s what you’re looking for. You don’t need to give your name if you don’t want to.
Demand for our crisis support lines are high and there may be wait times.

Call Triple Zero (000) if you are in immediate danger.

Try our Support Toolkit 

We’ve launched a curated library of tools, techniques and information to help you:

  • Understand what you’re going through
  • Learn ways to self-manage through evidence-based tools and techniques
  • Access support, should you need it.

"Thank you Lady...whoever you are...you have no idea how much your voice, and words, and strength to keep me going helped last night.  With everything in my heart...thank you!"

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A safe place to be heard