If life in danger call Triple Zero 000
If life in danger call Triple Zero 000

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Our virtual and face to face courses provide proactive, skills based training to keep people and their organisations mentally healthy.

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By choosing Workplace and Community Training you are choosing an evidence informed, interactive and thought provoking learning experience. Our growing library of flexible courses is built on decades of skilled delivery as a leading provider in the mental health and community sectors.

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Listen to our 10 episode podcast about family and domestic violence created specifically for small business owners. You will learn what family and domestic violence is, warning signs to look for, how to talk to an employee you think might be experiencing it, and why paid family and domestic leave is important. 

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We offer a range of training programs that build resilience in organisations and communities.
Our courses are grouped into three categories; Peer Support, Self Care and Domestic and Family Violence, all of them based on our commitment to build resilience in people, organisations and communities. The courses are designed around the Recognise, Respond and Refer framework and are designed for people with no pre-existing skills or knowledge.

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Peer Support courses

Peer Support is about our shared experiences as human beings. It is about understanding another person's situation and providing empathy and support, especially during times of stress. Research tells us that employees are more likely to seek support from a work colleague than from formal support pathways. Our skills-based training aims to train people to effectively provide support to their colleagues and their loved ones.

Our Peer Support courses are:

  • Accidental Counsellor
  • Managing Challenging Interactions
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Self Care courses

Self care is an umbrella term for all the things we do to proactively look after ourselves. Our training approach recognises the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, social, behavioural and psychological areas of our wellness. The training aims to build an understanding of how we may be affected by life’s ups and downs, mental health issues, stressors, and trauma and how to build our own resilience and create a self care plan.

Our Self Care courses are:

  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Road Transport, Warehousing & Logistics Sector
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Domestic and Family Violence courses

Domestic and Family Violence is a widespread issue that significantly impacts individuals, families, communities, and workplaces. Our training covers the different types of abuse and aims to equip people with the basic skills and awareness to navigate these issues when confronted with them.

Our Domestic and Family Violence courses are:

  • Introduction to Domestic and Family Violence self-led eLearning
  • Introduction to Domestic and Family Violence workshop

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Lifeline Workplace and Community Training offer a range of training programs that build resilience in organisations and communities.

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Accidental Counsellor

Accidental Counsellor is underpinned by peer support principles and is aimed at those who would like to be able to safely and effectively support colleagues, family, friends and strangers who are in distress or experiencing a crisis.

Managing Challenging Interactions

Managing Challenging Interactions is designed for employees who find themselves managing emotionally charged interactions on a regular basis. Having a sound understanding of the reasons for challenging behaviours, how to manage and de-escalate that behaviour, and how to look after yourself in the process, is essential for safe and effective responses in challenging situations.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Lifeline’s Mental Health and Wellbeing training explains current concepts and thinking around mental health and the factors that support wellness. It highlights the importance of managing stress and building resilience, and equips participants with the tools to put these things into practice in their own lives.

Mental Health and Wellbeing for the Road Transport, Warehouse and logistics sector

Lifeline Australia and Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds have collaborated to create this industry-specific eLearning course to help workers in the road transport, warehousing and logistics sectors to understand and manage their mental health and wellbeing.

Introduction to Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic and family violence is a widespread issue that significantly impacts individuals, families and communities as well as workplaces. Introduction to Domestic and Family Violence training provides a high-level overview of the status of domestic and family violence in Australia and provides basic skills and awareness to assist with these issues.

Resource Library

Our downloadable resources cover a range of topics for leaders of organisations of all types and sizes, providing tips and insights into how to build resilience.


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It's given us a really good framework to be able to manage some of the difficult situations we're facing as an organisation and given us as a department much better tools to know how to move forward.

Alexandra, Project Manager, Act for Peace

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