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As Australia's leading suicide prevention service, Lifeline is frequently of interest to media both at a national level and a local level through our network of 40 Lifeline Centres across Australia.

Media Releases

Lifeline works proactively with media to advocate for the prioritisation of mental health and wellbeing, to reduce stigma around suicide and to encourage positive help-giving and help-seeking behaviour change.  We also regularly work with journalists to keep Australian's abreast of developments to our service delivery and new sector insights gleaned through the Lifeline Research Foundation.  Lifeline's latest media releases can be found on the right. You can find a media release archive here.

Lifeline in the news

Chairman John Brodgen speaks to Sunrise about concerns the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could be more deadly than the virus itself.
John Brogden's op-ed for World Suicide Prevention Day in the SMH, discussing his personal experiences and worries about suicide in Australia.
New figures suggest mental health awareness is preventing suicides during the coronavirus crisis.
Suicides haven't risen in Victoria in 2020 but Covid welfare cuts ahead cause concern.
John Brogden talks to The Project about mental health impacts of COVID-19 restrictions.
Fear of a COVID-related suicide pandemic: Mental health advocates.
ABC 702 Simon Marnie features Lifeline and shares brunch with John Brogden, Chairman, Lifeline Australia.
Lifeline CEO Colin Seery warns crisis calls could spike as economic uncertainty continues. C7 First Edition.
Suicide support service given funding boost amid deluge of calls. Sydney Morning Herald.
They're hailed as heroes in headsets; the thousands of volunteers so often the first line of defence in our nation's mental health battle during the coronavirus pandemic as Lifeline receives record call levels. C7 News.
What it's like being a Lifeline Crisis Supporter, ABC Life talks to Volunteer, Ruben. ABC Life.
Lifeline needs more volunteers as calls for support hit record levels.
Lifeline Chairman John Brogden says the support organisation is "regularly seeing ... around and over 3000 calls a day" during the coronavirus pandemic as the amount of people reaching out for help continues to steadily rise.
Coronavirus Australia: ‘Unprecedented’ number of calls to Lifeline during pandemic. C7 Sunrise.
Meet our Female Frontliners. Vogue Australia.
Crisis support and suicide prevention service Lifeline is showing its dedication to the bushfire recovery by launching its own dedicated support line – 13 43 57. Hear Chairman John Brogden's interview with Jonesy & Amanda on WSFM.
Lifeline launched 13 HELP, a dedicated bushfire helpline for those in areas impacted by the bushfires. Lifeline Chairman John Brogden tells Alan Jones it will support the work of those providing services on the ground.
John Brogden and Felicity Urquhart talk about mental illness ahead of RUOK Day on 7.30.
We need to talk, The Australian football world mourns the loss of loveable son, Danny Frawley, affectionately known as ‘Spud’. C10 The Project.
Lifeline Chairman John Brogden tells John Stanley we’ve come a long way in reducing the stigma but the data shows we aren’t doing anywhere near enough.
The national emergency we can no longer ignore. John Brogden speaks openly about his suicide attempt.
Sunrise interview with Lifeline's Board Chairman John Brogden addresses the misconceptions around suicide and depression.