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Accidental Counsellor

Accidental Counsellor is aimed at those who would like to be able to safely and effectively support friends, family, colleagues, and strangers who are in distress or experiencing a crisis.

Peer Support Training

Peer support is essential for the development of community and corporate resilience, that is why we develop and tailor our programs to help all Australians to support each other.

Accidental Counsellor by Lifeline will provide you with basic skills and a structure to enable you to provide immediate support and assistance using the ‘Recognise, Respond, Refer’ model.

The skills learnt in the Accidental Counsellor course can be applied in many contexts, and will provide participants with skills in active listening, calming and effective gentle questioning. You will also learn how to ask openly about suicide risk and respond safely whatever the answer.

The course is open to anyone and no pre-existing skills or knowledge are required.

Please be aware that this course is NOT intended to train participants to be a counsellor.



Accidental Counsellor by Lifeline uses a blended training model to provide effectiveness and convenience.

Course details

eLearning: 1.5 hrs online, self-directed

Group session: 3.5 hrs delivered in person or virtually by Lifeline trainers, maximum of 20 people.

* please note that we require 12 people to run the session.


Participants are provided with basic skills to support someone in an emotional crisis by learning how to recognise, respond and refer to an appropriate service. Participants also learn how to confidently and safely ask about suicide.

Download the Accidental Counsellor brochure.




To enrol in Accidental Counsellor by Lifeline you can do so directly by filling out the form below. You will be asked to: 

  1. Select a date for the group session
  2. Make payment using your credit card

You will then be able to start your eLearning straight away!

For group workplace courses 

We can also schedule dedicated courses for you. We require a minimum of 12 participants, up to a maximum of 20 participants.  We can also tailor the course to suit your workplace. Please enquire for pricing and further details. 

Not-for-profit pricing is available.

For more information contact us via our Accidental Counsellor course enquiry form.