If life in danger call Triple Zero 000
If life in danger call Triple Zero 000

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Jaz's story of holding on to hope through the stress of transition

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As a young girl, Jaz loved playing soccer and riding her BMX bike. When she hit puberty, her love of life deserted her. She’d spend hours standing in front of the mirror, arms straight by her sides wishing she could always hide her curves. For the next 20 years she tried to destroy herself, the thought of being able to end her pain through suicide her only comfort. 

She wanted to transition but worried about acceptance. Today, Jaz is 37 and three years into his transition. He hasn’t had suicidal thoughts since making the decision. All along, he has been supported and loved by mum Sheree who has even helped pay for surgery and observed: “Every parent has dreams for their children but you have to realise your dreams aren’t their dreams. It’s their life and they have to do what makes them happy.”

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