If life in danger call Triple Zero 000
If life in danger call Triple Zero 000

Lifeline Campaigns

Lifeline works with a variety of partners to deliver important messaging that will save lives. The messaging on the Variable Messaging Sign to the left was created in partnership with NSW Police Force.

Recent Campaigns

Lifeline is committed to ensuring that every person in Australia is aware of our services and that we are here to listen, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are proud that Australians are currently reaching out to Lifeline in record numbers because we know that it is through connection that hope is found.  Below are some of our recent national campaigns designed to encourage both help-seeking and help-giving behaviours within the Australian community.  If you need support, please reach out to us.  We are here for you.



2022 Hope Cycle, Tour of Australia

The Hope Cycle, Tour of Australia, has been designed to unite riders and donors from around the world, by cycling through every state and territory in Australia from the comfort of their own homes. Known for some of the best cycling in the world, riders will tackle 15 stages including some of Australia's most iconic cycling destinations. 
You can tackle the challenge solo or in a team of up to 4 riders, riding in 'relay'. It's not about who wins, but crossing the finish line and having fun, whilst raising much needed funds for Lifeline Australia.

Support Lifeline Australia in the 2022 City2Surf

The World's Largest Fun Run - The City2Surf - will be back in Sydney on Sunday 14 August 2022. Bringing 80,000+ people together from all walks of life to run, jog, walk or stroll the iconic 14km course from Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach. Save the date for another spectacular year as we celebrate Sydney with live entertainment, food, training runs, fundraising and much more. We'll see you on the start line!

The Push-Up Challenge 2022

On the 1st of June it all began, the annual Push-Up Challenge where participants do 3,139 push-ups over 24 days (or 20%, 50% or 75% of this!).
Donations through The Push-Up Challenge ensure Lifeline’s critical support services are accessible to anyone who needs them – anytime, anywhere and in the way those who need support feel most comfortable.
And it's a great way to get fit, have fun and learn about mental health!

Out of the shadows - three people walking

Out of the Shadows - a walk to remember those lost to suicide

Each year, Lifeline marks World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September both on a national scale and at a local level. Centres around the country hold walks for their local communities to reflect and mourn those loved and lost to suicide. The walks are usually held at sunrise to symbolise the desire to bring suicide out of the darkness and into the light. Walkers join to connect each other’s experiences, raise awareness, generate hope, and commit to preventing further deaths by suicide.

Keep finding creative ways to connect. Through COVID 19 and beyond we're here for you.  picture, children with tin can and string

Through Covid-19 and beyond, we're here for you.

Launched in June 2020, Lifeline Australia designed this campaign to acknowledge the work of Australians in finding creative ways to connect through the COVID-19 lockdown and to encourage the community to continue to reach out to those struggling. We also wanted to remind the community, that we are here for you throughout COVID-19 and beyond. This campaign was made possible with the support of the team at oOH! Media.

Hello Neighbour!  through COVID-19, we're here for you.

Hello Neighbour!

Lifeline Australia launched this campaign in March 2020 to encourage Australians to reach out to those around them, especially those who may struggle through the physical restrictions brought about by COVID-19. It was important also to reassure the community that our services would continue and we are committed to being there for anyone who needs us throughout COVID-19.

Between the lines - Christmas campaign

Launched in December 2019, this campaign was designed to acknowledge that Christmas time is a difficult time for many. Indeed, it is one of the busiest periods for Lifeline. With this campaign, we aimed to reassure anyone who was struggling through the added stresses of Christmas that we are here to listen, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right through the season.

Not all bushfire devastation is visible

Not all bushfire devastation is visible

Designed in response to the 2019-2020 bushfires that devastated the nation, this campaign was geotargeted to areas devastated by bushfire, delivering important messages of help and hope to those in distress.  Lifeline launched 13 HELP (13 43 57) a dedicated bushfire recovery line that continues to offer support to people from bushfire affected communities today.

Pause. Call. Be Heard.

The Pause.Call.Be Heard campaign was launched in 2019 through a partnership between Lifeline and TrackSAFE. The campaign continues to expand its reach as it is established throughout rail networks across the country in partnership with TrackSAFE and a number of State Transport and rail authorities.  Initially developed as a breathing billboard available at train station platforms, the campaign is now also geo-targeted to specific locations via social media to encourage mental wellbeing and help-seeking behaviours for travellers.

How to get involved

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